A storytelling conference

(the 20th in the Storytelling Seminar Series)

13th – 14th June 2013

Lincoln Business School, University of Lincoln, UK

The conference timetable is now available: Conference timetable.

Keynote speakers:

  • Professor Yiannis Gabriel, University of Bath
  • Professor David Sims, Cass Business School


Izak, Michal (PhD) – email: mizak@lincoln.ac.uk

Anderson, David – email: danderson@lincoln.ac.uk

Hitchin, Linda (PhD) – email: lhitchin@lincoln.ac.uk

Organizational life is imbued with story and story telling. What counts as a story is a matter of debate ranging from terse, polysemic and multi-authored postmodern ante-narratives (Boje, 1991, 1995), through emplotted, emotion-generating narratives endowed with relatively stable meaning (Gabriel, 2000), to approaching a particular scientific paradigm as a sort of a story (Czarniawska, 1995). Theoretical and empirical developments suggests that organizational stories fulfil a range of functions such as: mapping the territory of organizational sensemaking (Wilkins, 1984); expressing deeply embedded organizational mythologies (Kostera, 2008); glorifying past and/or future (Ybema, 2010); enforcing control and resistance (Wilkins, 1983); contributing to the formation of identity (Bamberg, 2010); managing (Brown, 2003) and disseminating knowledge (Campbell, 1972); facilitating the unmanaged spaces (Gabriel, 1995).

The nature and character of stories is variously theorised. For instance stories can be… Full Call Details

Contributions in the form of 500 words abstract (excluding bibliography) are welcomed until 1st of January 2013. Please send to: mizak@lincoln.ac.uk.

Information regarding acceptance of contributions: 31st of January 2013.

Submission of full papers: 15th of May 2013.

 Registration details are now available.

 Exceptional papers will be published in the special issue of Tamara Journal for Critical Organization Inquiry